Why to choose


Clinically tested

Clinically Proven Accuracy Without Touch

With the usage of a three-axis rotation and medical grade infrared sensors, integrated with its patented technology, thermo-i can measure body temperature with an accuracy of ±0.36°F/0.2°C. This patented technology helps you avoid any possible human errors during body temperature measurement. Enjoy a hygienic, hassle-free, and comfortable method of taking the temperature at home.

Autonomous work

Never Be Caught Off Guard with Live Alerts

It’s always important to react quickly to your or your loved ones’ health. Get real-time alert on your phone whenever the temperature rises or falls. By keeping track of your body temperature changes, you can quickly and easily identify any dangerous fluctuations and take appropriate actions.

mobile application

Understanding Your Body’s Signals with an App

Your body temperature can be key to understanding your body better. Thanks to its dedicated application, thermo-i tracks, stores the data about your body temperature changes, and allows creation of long-term temperature curves. Based on the data analysis the app helps visualize your health changes, discovers when you are to get sick, and keep track of your basal body temperature effortlessly.

stay healthy

Stay healthy with thremo-i

Thanks to its precise contactless technology and Big Data capability, thermo-i understands your unique normal body temperature, measures, and sends the information to your smartphone. Now you can immediately respond to any minor changes even when sleeping, as it moves with you. Also, you can have a long-term body temperature monitoring and analysis.